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The most common technique for removing a blockage from a clogged drain is to use a power snake.  I have several different snakes ranging from one smaller than the diameter of a pencil that is 35ft long and great for sinks and bathtubs.  My main sewer line snake that is capable of clearing a 3-6 inch sewer line that has a variety of blockages ranging from tree roots to baby wipes.

A sewer inspection is the only way to have a clear understanding of the condition of a sewer line.  All home purchases should have the sewer inspected no matter the age.  Even new homes have the possibility of a bad back fill job after the sewer had been laid.  I have seen it before.

My locator consists of a sending unit and a receiving probe.  The sending unit is the size of a golf ball and emits a radio signal and can be attached to a sewer snake or sewer camera. The locating probe picks up the signal from the sending unit so I can determine sewer line position and am able to mark the spot in your yard.

A hydro jetter is a very high powered water machine that cleans a pipe squeaky clean.

Hydro jetting is usually only recommended when the standard snaking is unsuccessful due to a major build up of toilet paper, where the snake simply goes through the blockage without removing it. 

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